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EUROPEAN CAMPING Group is the European leader for mobile home holidays, with c.€220m net revenues. During its 2016 season, the Group has commercialised stays in the 20 000 units it owns across Europe.

Revenues are generated via five complementary brands: HOMAIR, EUROCAMP, AL FRESCO, ROAN and GO4CAMP. A shared fleet management entity (HG Support) enables the brands to focus on on-site customer management, selling and marketing.



HOMAIR was founded in 1989 by Daniel GUEZ and took the international route early on, with initial developments outside France in the late 1990s. MONTEFIORE Investment took then a controlling stake in 2006 and HOMAIR managed its IPO in 2007.

Both events contributed to an acceleration of the Group's growth. The acquisition of AL FRESCO in the UK from TUI Travel Ltd in January 2011 was a first milestone in terms of external development. HOMAIR built then a more diversified access to financing, via the MICADO mutualised bond in 2012 and a NYSE Euronext IBO in 2013.

The acquisition of the European leader founded in 1973 (EUROCAMP) in September 2014 provided the opportunity to include CARLYLE as controlling shareholder, alongside MONTEFIORE Investment and the management. HOMAIR has since been delisted.

From 2006 to 2016, revenues have grown above 25% annually, from €20m to €220m.

Daniel Guez
HOMAIR was founded
by Daniel Guez

with initial developments outside France in the late 1990s

MONTEFIORE Investment took a controlling stake
Initial Public Offering
Acquisition of AL FRESCO
from TUI Travel Ltd

January 2011 - was a first milestone in terms of external development

Acquisition of EUROCAMP
European leader
The Carlyle Group
CARLYLE funds take a controlling stake

alongside MONTEFIORE Investment and the management

Stock market delisting
Acquisition of Roan, Go4Camp and Allcamps


From Homair Group to European Camping Group


EUROPEAN CAMPING Group is the European leader for mobile home holidays.
The EUROPEAN CAMPING Group brands offer primarily directly to their clients' holidays in quality mobile homes.

The Group selects and operates campsites under strict criteria: site attractivity, landscaping, swimming pool area, animation, kids' clubs, sports activities either on-site or in the close vicinity.

Most campsites are located within 5km from the sea, as requested by a majority of clients.

Powerful direct sales channels

The five brands use complementary sales channels to distribute their offer.

Al Fresco


Key numbers

EUROPEAN CAMPING Group has generated €220m net revenues in 2016.
The fleet includes 20 000 units, which are primarily mobile homes.
Over 250 000 families have trusted the Group for their holidays.

€M net revenues
Mobile homes
Individual clients


The Group is structured around 6 entities :
• 2 coordination entities :
(strategy, finance) and HG SUPPORT (mobile-home fleet maintenance)
• 4 selling entities :